New Procedure Required for Revoking Irish Citizenship

A new Supreme Court ruling has deemed two sections (Sections 19.2 and 19.3) of the current law regarding the revocation of Irish citizenship to be unconstitutional on natural justice grounds. This ruling means a new procedure will be required in order to revoke Irish citizenship, which will require appropriate and suitable safeguards to be put in place for those who are at risk of a loss of citizenship. This new process will also include an independent decision-maker.

Currently, the Minister for Justice is responsible for initiating a revocation process and making a final decision on whether or not the citizenship should be revoked. It has been referred to as “inconceivable” that a revocation of Irish citizenship (via a certificate of naturalisation) would take place without the aforementioned safeguards having been put in place. All other sections of Section 19 remain in place.

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